Perfect Pastries for Your Baby Shower

Pastries are a great option for a baby shower – they are delicious and easy to eat with one hand while playing fun shower games. Single serve deserts are easy to scale for catering and make it much easier to apportion left overs. Here are starting points if you are looking for inspiration for the next baby shower.

Gender reveal filling

While many people are using cakes as a gender reveal surprise, you can also do this with fillings for pastries such as profiteroles. You can use food colouring or a colourful ingredient such as blueberries or raspberries to give the pink or blue tint to the filling. It's tasty and can double as fun treat to give guests to take home after the shower to share with their family.


Mini-croissants are easy to make and can be topped with a range of flavour to let everyone choose their favourite taste. Alternately you can purchase a large amount of croissants from the pastry shoppe and have a topping station with syrups, jams and chocolate spreads, so people can make their own personalised pastry.

Savoury options

One of the great things about going for pastries rather than cakes is that you can also include some savoury options so that friends or family who don't have a sweet tooth can also find something to snack on. Try coffee flavoured scrolls, or cheese filled horns or some mini baked cheesecakes in ramekin dishes. The old schoolyard classic of a vegemite-cheesy scroll can also be a fun treat for people who favour salty snacks.

Seasonal fruit

If you are lucky enough to be having a summer baby shower, it's also fun to use some seasonal fruit in the toppings for fruit tarts. You can also accompany the pastries with a fresh fruit platter and some juices for your healthier guests. 

Cultural touches

If your mum-to-be has a culture she is looking to pass down to the baby, it's also a nice touch to include this in the baby shower. You can try to include some food tastes from home (such as durian-flavoured toppings from mums from South-East Asia) or make some foods from her mother or grandmother's favourite recipes.

Best of luck catering the baby shower. Just remember, if it all gets too overwhelming, no one will judge if you head to the local bakery to stock up rather than spending all night baking!